Ultrasonic cutting and welding

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Sonowave ultrasonic systems are designed to be as easy to use as possible for the operator. Simply put the plug into the socket and the unit is ready to work. No need to tune the unit, program them or select power levels. Everything is adjusted automatically. In some applications all that is required is to set the operation/weld time.


No warm up time, the unit is always ready for use. All our tools require no special cleaning.


High quality components, selected suppliers and carefully assembled systems make Sonowave ultrasonic units very reliable and long lasting. Polluting substances such as lead have been avoid whenever possible.


When the life of your Sonowave ultrasonic unit is over, you are invited to return it to us. We will individually dispose of all the parts that can be recycled.  All parts will be shipped  to dedicated treatment plants so the components containing potentially dangerous substances for the environment or human health will be treated correctly.

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