Ultrasonic cutting and welding

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400 Watt power

40 Khz

Operating voltage 230V, 240V, 110V

Aluminum generator carpentry

High tension input filter

Low tension front panel

Output signal display

Generator cooling fan

Generator dimension: mm 180x350x240

Anodized aluminum hand probe

CE marked

WEEE compliant

Totally assembled with lead free soldering

Made in Italy

Technical specs

Free forms ultrasonic cutting

Designed for curves and shapes

Simply push the start button and drag the blade on the fabric. Hand probe cutting require a rigid contrast surface such as steel or thick glass

The hand probe can easily follow templates

The hand probe is the perfect tool to cut and seal the edges of synthetic fabrics

‪·‬ Cut the fabric and seal the edge in a professional way

‪·‬ No more fraying

‪·‬ No toxic smoke

‪·‬ No fabric burnings or marks

‪·‬ Perfectly clean and smooth edges

‪·‬ Low Energy consumption, it works cold

‪·‬ No need to clean the blade

‪·‬ No warm up and cool down waiting time

Hand probe -